MG08/15 Dummy Aluminum Receiver (RHSP)


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Made from a .250” thick piece of 6061 aluminum this MG08/15 dummy right side plate was design from an original German blueprint. Manufactured using wetjet technology, these plates have minimum taper and will perfectly fit in your parts kit to complete a dummy gun.

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MG 08 – Wikipedia

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The MG 08/15 was a lighter version of the standard MG 08 machine gun, designed for increased portability. However, at 18 kg, it still remained heavy and cumbersome, and was never on par with its rivals, the Chauchat and Lewis Gun. It had accuracy issues and problems with its fabric ammunition belts. Despite this, it remained the most common German machine gun in WWI, with over 130,000 produced. Other German machine guns, such as the Bergmann MG 15nA, showed more promising tactical firepower, but were overshadowed by the MG 08/15’s production volumes. A late-war attempt at an air-cooled version, the MG 08/18, was only 1 kg lighter and had overheating problems.




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